Optimizing yields begins with efficient planning. We combine advanced technology and deep understanding of your exact needs to produce the best results for your farm. We offer the following Precision Planting services:

Precision Planting Sales and Service

Integrated solutions developed and serviced by our expert agronomy team.

20/20 Seed Sense Monitor

20/20 Seed Sense tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it.


Incorrect down force could cost you up to 16 bushels per acre. How smart is your planter?

Yield Sense

Helps your prepare for next year by accurately capturing yield performance.


All your data in one place so you can maximize your return on input investments.


vDrive replaces 138 parts on your planter with one simple electric motor on each row, minimizing your risk and maintenance during planting.

Meter Testing and Repair

Meter diagnostics to identify and correct poor meter performance.