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Texas: Cotton Marketing Workshop, Lubbock, April 3

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will sponsor a free cotton marketing workshop in Lubbock before the Texas Cotton Ginners Association, or TCGA, annual meeting and trade show. The workshop will […]

Louisiana: Wheat Crop Survives Below-Freezing Temps

Wheat producers may fare better than expected from the arctic blast that plunged temperatures into the mid- to upper 20s in early March and threatened the crop across Louisiana. LSU […]

Texas Field Reports: Beef Cattle Numbers Rise, Cull Cow Prices Drop

Prices for most cull cows recently hit their lowest point since 2009, even as Texas’ beef cattle numbers continue to increase slowly, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service […]

Iowa Corn: How Will Unharvested Soybeans Affect Soil Nutrients?

Flooded fields and wet soil conditions in the fall 2018 meant some soybean fields were not, or are not going to be harvested. Also, some fields occasionally experienced significant shattering […]

Georgia Pecan Growers Association Annual Conference, Tifton, March 26-27

Just a reminder that the Georgia Pecan Growers Association Annual Conference will be held March 27, 2019 at the UGA Conference Center in Tifton. The agenda and other information can […]

Ohio Corn: 4 Considerations for Anhydrous Ammonia Applications

It was a late harvest in fall 2018. Soils were wet and frozen when it was time to apply anhydrous ammonia. Those situations resulted in much less than normal anhydrous […]

Ohio Soybeans: Poor Seed Quality – Will Seed Treatments Help?

Lots of calls and samples concerning seed quality (Figure 1) and I’ve also heard about the rejections at the elevators.  I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago with […]

Ohio: Soybean Cyst Nematode – Samples Requested for Resistance Survey

Lots of news about Soybean cyst nematode at Commodity Classic a couple of weeks ago. We have continued support to run assays and education sessions for farmers throughout the region […]

Anhydrous Ammonia – How Do in Soil Applications Work?

What happens when anhydrous ammonia is injected into soil? Several physical and chemical reactions take place following anhydrous ammonia injection: dissolution in water, reaction with soil organic matter and clay, […]

Corn, Soybeans: USDA Ag Projections to 2028

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its 10-year projections for the food and agricultural sector.  The report noted that, “Over the next several years, the agricultural sector will continue […]

Rice Market: Puerto Rico Supplier Fined for False Advertising

Last week, the Department of Consumer Affairs of Puerto Rico (DACO) issued a $10,000 fine against Pan American Grain for violating the Deceptive Practices and Ads Regulation in the rice […]

USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices

The following prices are effective from 03/20/19 at 12:01 am Eastern Time until midnight Tuesday 03/26/19. The next announcement is scheduled for 03/26/19 at 3:00 pm Eastern Time. * $424.49 […]

Southern Region Water Conference, College Station, TX, July 23-25

Sustainable water management will be the main focus of the Southern Region Water Conference to be held at Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center in College Station, Texas, July 23 […]

Southern Weed Science Society Honors Tennessean

The Southern Weed Science Society (SWSS) recently honored Larry Steckel, a professor with the University of Tennessee Department of Plant Sciences, with the Outstanding Educator Award. The award was presented […]

Texas: Bollworm Resistance to Bt Crops – What to Do?

Cotton and corn are major cash crops in Texas with a market value of over 3 million dollars combined in 2016. With this much money at stake, producers are looking […]

Water Quality: How Well Do Buffer Strips Protect Rivers? – Study

Kansas State University researcher Colby Moorberg has his eyes on several miles of the Big Blue and Little Blue rivers, the two major waterways meandering their way to Tuttle Creek […]

Farm Programs: How Would High Prices Affect the PLC Elevator Provision?

As discussed previously, the 2018 Farm Bill’s inclusion of an escalator provision for PLC alters that program and would likely have increased PLC payments if it had been in operation […]

USA Rice, Anheuser-Busch Partner to Support Sustainable Farming

USA Rice and Anheuser-Busch are partnering for the third year in a row to invest in America’s rice growers, with America’s leading beer company announcing it will donate $150,000 to […]

Hubbs on Grain: Early Predictions for Prospective Plantings

Uncertainty on trade issues and the subsequent price movements associated with speculation on the topic added a degree of difficulty to acreage decisions this year. The March 29 Prospective Plantings […]

Ag Trade: U.S., China Deal Cannot Be Taken for Granted

In testimony last week before the Senate Finance Committee, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer displayed a more cautious tone in describing U.S., China trade negotiations.  Meanwhile, recent news items provided […]

Georgia Weather: El Nino to Blame for Wet Winter

Farmers who might face a delayed planting season can thank El Nino for Georgia’s exceedingly wet winter, according to Pam Knox, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agricultural climatologist. Row crop […]

California Almonds: Bee Hours and Pollination

Almond growers have been a-buzz on the topic of bee hours. The concept of a bee hour was designed as a proxy for the amount of good bee foraging weather […]

Florida: Peanut Variety Options for 2019

Last week, I finished the final winter meeting of the year discussing the slate of peanut varieties available (many on a limited basis) for the 2019 season.   The yield test […]

Mississippi Outdoors: Wild Turkeys – Decline and Repopulation

Mississippi turkey hunters should reflect on the wild turkey’s history in our great state and never take this majestic bird for granted. Historically, Mississippi’s landscape was rich with wild turkeys. […]

Texas: Northeast Panhandle Cotton Conference, Perryton, April 2

The Northeast Panhandle Cotton Conference will be hosted by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service April 2 at the Ochiltree County Expo Building, 402 Expo Drive, Perryton. Registration will begin […]

Weed Resistance…Early-Season Prevention In The Age Of Resistance – AgFax Weed Solutions

Early weed management “sets the tone” for how weed problems play out during the rest of the growing season. This webinar focuses on how to “have a different mindset” when […]

AgFax Tree Crops: Almonds – More Bacterial Blast This Year

Cold and wet temperatures likely set up the crop for more pressure from this disease, people in the field suspect.

AgFax Weekend: Record Wet Year | USDA Drops Aug. Field Surveys

In this week’s AgFax Weekend – Record Wet Year | USDA Drops Aug. Field Surveys | Pigweed – Will it’s ability to adapt never end? | and more.

Arkansas: Glyphosate Labels – Working Through the Confusion

With the recent global approval of the LibertyLink GT27 and Enlist E3 soybean traits, there seems to be some confusion or uncertainty as to what glyphosate products can be applied […]

Mississippi: Bt Corn – How Effective Against Corn Earworms?

The number of commercial corn hybrids expressing the Vip trait (Leptra, Viptera, and Trecepta) is increasing, and they are being marketed for improved control of ear feeding insects, including corn […]

Mississippi Cotton: Seed Treatments Important to Battle Thrips

Over the years many have questioned whether the use of a seed treatment is considered IPM because they are used prior to the onset of a problem. In our area […]

Tennessee Cotton: Cover Crops – When Should You Terminate?

For those that have cover crops, you’re likely contemplating when to terminate. While delayed termination can increase the amount of biomass produced and prolong the length of time that biomass […]

Iowa: Spring Planting and Wet Soil Management

The above-average snowfall and potential for significant rain events this spring could present challenges during the upcoming planting season. These conditions, on top of excessive soil moisture last fall that may have […]

Minnesota: Spring Fertilizer – What Are the Top Considerations?

After a fall when planned fertilizer applications could not be made, tough decisions need to be made in spring. Planting at the optimum time is crucial to ensure optimal yield […]

Rabobank Moves to Strengthen its Production Ag Lending

Rabobank announced this week that it will transfer the food and agriculture loan portfolio from its California retail banking operation, Rabobank, N.A., to Rabo AgriFinance, further positioning the U.S. operation […]

Illinois: Bitter Cold Jan. Likely Won’t Reduce Crop Pests

Despite record cold air temperatures, soil temperatures averaged slightly warmer than normal in Illinois this winter. Consequently, the arctic conditions are expected to have little effect on overwintering field crop […]

Kellogg’s to Contract Titan Rice for Some of Its Grain Source

Kellogg Company announced in December that it will accept contracts of Titan rice for a portion of its 2019 volume of rice for cereal, said Bob Scott, director of the […]

Cleveland on Cotton: 5-Cent Range Hanging in There

Cotton prices experienced an excellent week as funds, tired of the sleeping market, generated a round of short covering which was following by new long positions which then triggered more […]

Arkansas: CropCheck – New Program to Reduce Pesticide Drift

As spring rolls toward Arkansas and growers begin to approach their planting dates, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is encouraging growers throughout the state to make use […]

U.S. Rice: 9 Varieties Tested in Nicaragua – Top 3 Might Surprise You

Earlier this week USA Rice embarked on an important mission to distribute long grain rice samples to the two major rice industry leaders in Nicaragua, Agri-Corp and Samuel Mansell S.A.  […]