Equipment Update

Since 1959, Deerfield Ag Services has been a trusted partner with our region’s farmers to help you cultivate profitability. Over that time, we’ve listened to your input to provide the products and services you need and keep an eye on continuous improvement and innovation. With that in mind, we began providing equipment products and services for our customer base in 1970 through which we became a retailer of Brock, GSI and other on-farm storage and handling equipment. While this business line has been important to our success for the last five decades, we recently made the strategic decision to sell the equipment side of the business to TAM Systems. This will allow us the opportunity to further innovate how we serve you in our core areas of Grain and Agronomy.

We finalized the sale of the Equipment Division to TAM Systems on July 16, 2020, and we hope you will consider working with them through this transition. TAM Systems installs and services the same equipment brands for farm feed and grain storage and handling. Like us, they work with any size producer – large, small and everything in-between. And, like Deerfield, they’re an established company that has been around since 1974 serving New York, Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic states before coming to Ohio. In addition to serving agriculture, TAM also provides commercial material storage and handling for a variety of industrial businesses.

As part of the arrangement, Nathan Russo will be moving from Deerfield to head up TAM’s presence in our area. You can reach Nate at or 330-223-5750.

This strategic move allows us to focus all our energy and resources to improve upon the Grain and Agronomy expertise and advice you’ve come to rely on for over 60 years. We’ll continue to be your partner year-round as you select seed, evaluate soil health, choose your nutrient, weed and insect control programs, and make decisions on planting, harvesting and marketing your crops.

Thank you for your continued partnership. We will see you in the field!