What is Deerfield doing on their farm?

Our customers know that the products and agronomy services we sell are used and tested at our family farms. Our experienced and CCA Certified agronomists can make the best recommendation for your land, because they’ve seen what works for ours. Your land is our livelihood and you know better than anyone that when it comes to your yields, there’s no margin for error. Time wasted is money lost, and using seed or treatment products that aren’t right for your land can mean the difference between a profitable year and an unproductive one.

At Deerfield Ag Services, we take the guesswork out of agronomy. Our agronomists work with you, one-on-one, to sample, test, diagnose and make recommendations specific to your operation for maintaining soil health and optimizing yields. We use the right product in the right place in just the right amount, at the right time, along with top-of-the-line technology to ensure that the product is used as efficiently as possible.

From customized soil sampling and application to seed treatment and ongoing plans, the agronomy team at Deerfield is your partner for profitable farming and healthy land.

Agronomy Services

Deerfield offers a full suite of agronomic products and services to help you get the most out of your land.

Profitable Soil Sampling

What type of soil sampling is right for you? Our agronomists can help you determine the best method of testing based on the unique characteristics of your property.
We offer: Grid Sampling, Random Sampling, Zone sampling

Seed Treatment

Make sure your seed is ready for planting season with a customized seed treatment plan from Deerfield Ag Services. Our agronomists will work with you to determine which plan and products would be best for your operation. [link to product page when available]

Wide Seed Selection

Deerfield is your trusted supplier of elite corn, soybean and wheat seed along with premium for-age and cover crop offerings, from the most trusted brands on the market. They are happy to help you select the seed and seed treatment products that will be best for your farm.

VRT Application

Precision means no product, money or time wasted. Precise application of fertilizer using state-of-the-art variable rate technology (VRT) application systems allows us to place inputs where you need them most.

Input Financing

Our qualified team works with you to design a profitability plan that provides the most value to you and your operation. Various financing options are available, along with flexible payment op-tions that work best for you. (Link to credit app)
Matt Lesko, Senior Argonomist

Marissa Dillon, CCA, Agronomist

Allie Chilson, Agronomy Customer Service/Accounting

Abram Zehentbauer – Seed Operations Specialist

What is a CCA Certification?

Becoming a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) is no easy task. Passing comprehensive examinations, having years of experience in the field and possessing either an Associates or Bachelors degree in an agronomy-related field are necessary to achieve this certification. By meeting these requirements, agronomists are able to demonstrate their experience and knowledge in the field of agronomy, attributes that make them a valuable resource to any agronomy team.

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Whether you’d like more information about our agronomy services or want to plan for the upcoming year, our Agronomy team is here to help.