About Us

Deerfield Ag Services is a family-owned, full-service agricultural service provider with one agronomy and four grain locations throughout Ohio.


Our staff’s expertise, passion for farming, and personal understanding of the intricacies of their customers’ operations grows a trusted partnership that increases profitability.


From agronomy services to grain marketing, Deerfield Ag Services is your partner in helping you and your farm grow. That’s why our tagline is Cultivating Profitability Together.

A Passion for Farming

To some people, your farm is in the middle of nowhere. But for you and all who depend on your livelihood, it’s the center of the world.

Boyd Wallbrown Jr. ran a farm that was the center of our family’s world. And when he started Deerfield Ag Services, it was to provide the services he knew his family and fellow farmers needed. He built his business through innovations that better served his customers and a personal commitment to help keep them farming.

Today, Boyd’s legacy lives on through the growth of Deerfield into a multiple location ag services company with the expertise to help farmers improve yields, manage risk and sell at the right price. We remain committed to Boyd’s belief that you have to know and love farming – its blessings and its hardships – to help farmers be more profitable on a lasting basis.

Everyone in the Wallbrown family, and each member of our experienced and expert Deerfield Ag Services team, knows that successfully cultivating relationships with customers – by working with you and for you – is the only way to sustainable profitability from season to season and generation to generation.