5-Diamond Farmer Program

Northeast Ohio growers now have the opportunity to earn recognition for on-farm sustainability practices through a new Deerfield Ag Services initiative. The 5-Diamond Farmer program will award Deerfield growers “diamonds” for each of five sustainability practices they incorporate on their farm. 

This year, growers have an opportunity to earn their first diamond for growing wheat for Star of the West Milling Company. 

The program recognizes additional sustainability practices that will earn growers an additional diamond up to the maximum of five to earn the designation of becoming a Deerfield 5-Diamond Farmer.

Diamonds will be given for up to a maximum of 5 diamonds*.

Each practice listed below is considered one diamond: 


♦  Conservation tillage practices – no-till or minimal till


♦  Use of cover crops


♦  Participation in Deerfield’s wheat growing partnership with Star of the West & Campbell’s


♦  Five hours of continuing education through participation in Soil & Water Conservation District or OSU Extension programs


  Pesticide applicator certification (ODA certification conducted through OSU Extension)


♦  Active service to an agricultural organization, such as Farm Bureau, local foods council or statewide checkoff program


♦  Adoption of a new sustainability practice on the farm


♦  Adoption of a new sustainability technology 

To become a 5-Diamond Farmer, growers must fill out and submit the application below by January 31, 2022. 

Please note, Deerfield will not evaluate the practices, but will ask the farmer to supply proof of the application of the practices on their farm, such as third party certification, a photograph, or an explanation. Farmers who meet the criteria will be honored at the 2022 Deerfield Grower Meetings.