Justin Gibson has been named operations/sales manager for Deerfield Ag Services. In this role, he will lead the agronomy sales department in providing customer service, efficient deliveries and application services.

“Justin is a great asset for our team and his wide range of skills and experience bring a lot of value to our customers as well,” said Deerfield Ag Services’ VP of Finance and New Business Development, John Wallbrown.

Gibson comes to Deerfield Ag Services from the horticulture industry, where he has worked for nearly two decades. After earning a degree in horticulture from The Ohio State University in 2004, Gibson found employment in the horticulture and landscaping industries as the manager of multiple horticulture service providers in Virginia and Ohio.

Gibson is no stranger to Ohio’s agricultural industry. He grew up working on local farms, gaining experience with a variety of tasks from bailing hay and milking cows to spreading manure and managing crops.

“My main objective coming into Deerfield Ag Services is to continue building successful (and mutually profitable) relationships with our customers,” said Gibson. “I would like to see us have the best looking and best operating fleet of equipment in the region, which would allow us to service our customers’ needs in the most efficient manner possible, while helping them protect their investments.”