An Update on Deerfield Ag Services’ Grain Division

Looking back on the 61 years we’ve been serving farmers as Deerfield Ag Services, it’s evident that with time, comes change. As the agricultural industry morphs and evolves to meet the growing needs of consumers, we’ve done our best to evolve our business strategies to better meet the needs of our customers.

Our grain division has been one of our strengths for decades because of our talented team of certified grain merchandisers and their disciplined approach to grain marketing. Our goal is to continue that tradition of success, which means we have to adapt to meet the pace of the industry and exceed our customers’ expectations. We’ve experienced some changes in the last year that provide an opportunity to improve our customer experience and save you precious time.

Our customers can now stay connected and up-to-date on all things Deerfield, thanks to our new automated text messaging system. Customers who sign-up for our text messaging service will receive important updates and information, such as our hours of operation
for each location and the latest market updates.

We have recently completed the construction of a new grain office. This investment will help increase access to our grain merchandisers and reduce wait times at harvest.

We hope all of our grain customers can schedule a time to meet with our grain merchandisers. Our team has started an initiative to work with farmers on simple grain marketing plans that help reduce risk, capture pricing opportunities and lock in consistent profits.

Services & Marketing Tools We Provide – Cultivating Profitability TOGETHER:


  • Off-the-farm bids (We will quote a price picked up at your farm)
  • Averaging contract (Take advantage of typical spring rallies)
  • Minimum pricing (Lock in a floor for your grain while still participating in upward movement)
  • 2 year bids (Lock in prices when market is up)
  • Free Target Orders (Gives you 24/7 access to the market)


  • ACH/Direct Deposit (Get your money faster)
  • Daily text message bids and dumping hours
  • Online marketing tools (Cost of production worksheet, target order entry) • Profit management/marketing consultation

Meet the Team

Benjamin Nething, Manager

Benjamin Nething has been promoted to grain merchandising manager and will oversee our grain merchandising department in his new role. He joined the Deerfield team as a grain originator in the spring of 2018, and has been an essential part of our success in recent years. Benjamin has been working with the Deerfield Ag Services team to implement a program that allows customers to place a grain target with any Deerfield employee at any time – not just those that work in the grain department. Contact Ben at 330-620-1404


Camille Klick, Originator

Camille Klick is one of our grain originators. Camille started working for Deerfield Ag Services part-time in Massillon when the facility first opened. After graduating from Ohio State ATI with a degree in Agribusiness and Ag Communications, she started working full-time, helping out at every facility whenever needed. In January, she started her current position as a grain originator. Camille grew up on her family’s farm in Massillon and loves working with farmers in the area. Contact Camille at 330-557-5103