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Tried and Tested: Deerfield Ag Services Has You Covered

Considering the incredibly wet spring in 2019 and the unusually cold spring in 2020, producers have had a hard enough time getting their primary cash crops planted. That’s not enough to scare John...

Markets Made Simple with Benjamin Nething and Dwayne Wilson

Deerfield Ag Services grain originator, Benjamin Nething, sits down with Dwayne Wilson, grain merchandising specialist at White Commercial Corporation, to discuss simple and effective grain...

Place a Target Contract for Your Chance to Win the Grain Market Master Prize Pack

Place a target contract with Deerfield Ag Services before July 15 to be entered into a drawing for a Grain Market Master Prize Pack, including a cooler and accessories from ORCA™ (Made in...

Markets Made Simple: What are Grain Targets?

As a grain farmer, your goal is to produce the highest quality and quantity of grain on your available acres, and sell that grain for the highest return on your investment. All of your grain will be...

Don’t Leave Money on the Grain Bin Floor

Maintaining grain quality after harvest is paramount to protecting your investment when it’s time to go to market. Grain quality is determined by several factors: moisture content, bulk density,...

The Soil Health Partnership

The Soil Health Partnership is an organization that promotes the adoption of soil health practices for economic and environmental benefit. By building a peer-to-peer network, the Soil Health...

Working the Plan

Take Control of Your Grain Marketing While marketing will never make most growers’ top 5 (or even top 20) list of favorite parts of farming for a living, successful selling is vital to long-term...

Choose the Deerfield Ag Prosaro™ Premium

Get Your Name on the List Choose the Deerfield Ag Prosaro™ Premium   If you treat your wheat acreage with Prosaro™ to control Vomitoxin we will pay a premium of 10cents per bushel at harvest....

Innovating Efficiency

New Investments Improve Farmer Speed and Profitability A new dry fertilizer mixer and system is Deerfield Ag Services’ latest investment in improving efficiency and customer service, and it paid...

COVID-19 Precautions and Procedure

Deerfield Ag Services Covid-19 Update During these unprecedented times, we are taking extra precautions to protect the health and well-being of all Deerfield Ag Services employees, customers,...


 Dumping/Loading Hours
Deerfield8AM-7PM Thursday July 9

Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM

Louisville8AM-7PM Thursday July 9

Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM

KinsmanMon-Fri 8AM-4PM

MassillonMassillon facility able to accept corn and soybeans.

Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM
Agronomy DepartmentMon-Fri 8AM-4PM
Equipment Department Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM
After Hours Service Call: 330-398-8880

Local Cash Bids


Delivery Commodity Cash Price
NC 20CORN$3.22


Delivery Commodity Cash Price
NC 20CORN$3.22


Delivery Commodity Cash Price
NC 20CORN$3.22


Delivery Commodity Cash Price
JFM 21CORN$3.42



Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time
Jul 2020349356'4348'2351'23351'204:44
Sep 2020346355345'6348'62'4348'601:20
Dec 2020357362353'2357004:45
Mar 2021364371363'4366'62'2366'601:20
May 2021370376369'4372'21'6372'201:20


Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time
Jul 2020903907898'2898'23'4898'201:20
Aug 2020894904'2893896'4401:19
Sep 2020892'2902'6890'4895'24'4895'201:20
Nov 2020901'4909'4896'4901'4004:45
Jan 2021907914'4902'2907004:45
Mar 2021900'2909'6898'49033'690301:20


Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time
Jul 2020526'2537'6520'6526'2004:45
Sep 2020525531'2515'6525004:45
Dec 2020522'2535'6521'25308'253001:20
Mar 2021527540'2526'65357'253501:20
May 2021532'4544'2530'65397'253901:20

Soybean Meal

Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time
Jul 20202951296129382951004:45
Aug 202029429862939297335297301:20
Sep 20202999301429642999004:45
Oct 20203018303329813018004:45
Dec 20203054307130163054004:45

Local Radar:

Youngstown, Ohio 44512

Partly Cloudy
Feels Like: 92°F
Humidity: 55%
Dewpoint; 70°F
Pressure: 29.90 in. Hg
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed: 5 mph

News Source: NASS

Broiler Hatchery

Broiler-Type Eggs Set in the United States Down 1 Percent. Broiler-Type Chicks Placed in the United States Up 2 Percent...

Crop Progress

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Crop Progress

Crop Progress - 2020-07-06

Peanut Prices

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