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Great Losses are Great Lessons

Learn from Our 70 acre Mistake “Great losses are great lessons.”   ― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words The lessons that lead to great understanding are not always evident at first glance. Such was the...

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Download the Deerfield Ag Services App (powered by Bushel) today! CASH BIDS Growers are able to see cash bids in real-time through the Bushel app. This empowers growers to make quicker decisions,...

Now Hiring: Agronomist

Join our Team! We are a full-service agri-business with one agronomy and four grain locations throughout Northeastern Ohio. Since 1959 we have offered products and services to area farmers. In...

En[Grained] in Our Business

An Update on Deerfield Ag Services’ Grain Division Looking back on the 61 years we’ve been serving farmers as Deerfield Ag Services, it’s evident that with time, comes change. As the agricultural...

We’re Now Hiring!

Deerfield Ag Services is now hiring for seven open positions. Click here to browse our open positions and apply today! Our current open positions: Agronomist Custom applicator/ Spray rig operator...

Hartville Bio-Business Runs with Military Precision

Ohio Farm Family Holds 50 International Patents for Renewable Lubricants Garmier Farms and the family’s Renewable Lubricants business run with military precision. Two generations of family member...

Casting Dreams

Three Generations Work to Create a Farm Career The Hopkins and Richards families could be telling a much different story if they had invested in another form of wildlife in 2007. But rather than...

Cost of Production Worksheet

It's never too early to start thinking about next year. The winter months are a perfect time to begin planning for the upcoming spring season. Click on the buttons below to download our Cost of...

A Grain Marketing Tool Kit

Using Simple Marketing Strategies to Sell Grain More Confidently There’s no doubt that making the decision to sell your grain can be stressful. You start asking yourself questions like: “Am I...

Just Getting Started – Unique Partnership Built on a Common Dream

Kyle Goist and Jack Flinner aren’t related. They didn’t even grow up knowing each other. They met by chance at a mutual friend’s party in their late teens and immediately bonded over farm talk. The...


 Dumping/Loading Hours
DeerfieldMon-Fri 8AM-4PM
LouisvilleMon-Fri 8AM-4PM
(330)-584-4715 EXT-700
KinsmanMon-Fri 8AM-4PM
MassillonMon-Fri 8AM-4PM
Agronomy DepartmentMon-Fri 8AM-4PM
Sat & Sun - CLOSED
(330) 584-4715 EXT-147

Please Call for Targets, Contracts or Picked-up Bids: 330-584-4715 

Our Profit/Target Calculator can help you set a goal for profitable grain prices.


Local Cash Bids


Delivery Commodity Cash Price
SEP 21CORN$4.77


Delivery Commodity Cash Price
SEP 21CORN$4.77


Delivery Commodity Cash Price
SEP 21CORN$4.77


Delivery Commodity Cash Price
JFM 22CORN$5.00

We are taking wheat contracts by appointment only starting Friday, July 30, 2021. Please give us a call if you have questions: 330-584-4715





Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time
Dec 2021527527515'2521'6-5'4521'601:19
Mar 2022534'2534'2523'2529'6-4'4529'601:19
May 2022538538528534'4-3'6534'401:19
Jul 2022536'2536'2526'6533'4-2'6533'401:19
Sep 2022505506'2499'6505'4-1'4505'401:19


Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time
Nov 20211285128612621262'4-21'41262'401:19
Jan 2022129412941271'21271'6-21'21271'601:19
Mar 2022129612961275'41276'2-211276'201:19
May 2022130313031281'21282'4-201282'401:19
Jul 2022130513051284'21286-19128601:19
Aug 20221289'61289'612781278-18'4127812:35


Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time
Dec 2021708710'6695'6700'6-8700'601:19
Mar 2022718'6720'6706'6711'4-8'2711'401:19
May 2022722722'6709'6715-7'671501:19
Jul 2022701'4704'4692'2699'6-4699'601:19
Sep 2022703703'4695'6702'2-3'6702'201:18

Soybean Meal

Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time
Oct 2021338633883353361-24336101:19
Dec 20213422342633863398-24339801:19
Jan 20223443344734083424-2342401:19
Mar 20223461347134333453-14345301:19
May 2022348350234653489-1348901:18

Local Radar:

Youngstown, Ohio 44512

Feels Like: 86°F
Humidity: 53%
Dewpoint; 64°F
Pressure: 30.15 in. Hg
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed: 8 mph

News Source: NASS

Crop Progress

NASS releases Crop Progress and Condition Estimates...

Crop Progress

Crop Progress - 2021-09-20

Milk Production

August Milk Production up 1.1 Percent. Milk production in the 24 major States during August totaled 18.0 billion pounds, up 1.1 percent from August 2020...

Peanut Prices

Peanut Price Highlights. Peanut prices received by farmers for all farmer stock peanuts averaged 22.0 cents per pound for the week ending September 11, up 0.5...

Hop Stocks

September 1 Hop Stocks Up 2 Percent from a Year Ago...